Does your company know what it needs to know to successfully "court" the large contract management companies? Non-traditional is not a real estate transaction, it is entirely relationship driven. Do you have relationships and at the right levels within these organizations? Food service contractors receive hundreds of inquiries every year from brands seeking to benefit from the profits and exposure these types of venues can generate. Although it would appear an easy transition to non-traditional, there are significant differences that are crucial to success. Each channel has its unique nuances e.g. airports and their security restrictions present many challenges for the franchisor. Understanding these distinctions is crucial to establishing a long term, mutually beneficial partnership. We can successfully position your brand. Don't leave money on the table. Let us assist you with:

  • Non-Traditional Program Development
  • Contract Negotiations - FDD
  • Relational Capital Building
  • Strategy Development
  • Channel Specific Marketing Programs
  • ​NT Operations & Training Programs
  • Legal & Indemnification Issues
  • Menu Right Sizing & Restrictions
  • IT/POS Restrictions
  • Sustainability Issues e.g. Locavore 
  • Fee Structures & Payment Terms
  • Financial Modeling For Non-Traditional
  • NT Site Selection & Auditing Processes
  • Supply Chain Management Issues

We have extensive experience in non-traditional, and in every channel. We can bring you the expertise, contacts and relationships no one else can.