A well oiled operation is the heart of any food service establishment. No matter how on target your marketing may be or how current your menu, an operation out of synch, will lose patronage. All too often, less than optimal operations performance by the onsite operations team is due to a lack of food service training and habits that have emerged over time, as well as, not fully understanding current industry trends. In either case, "righting the ship" can be achieved through a variety of means. Let us assist you with:

  • Strategy Development
  • SOP, Process Engineering & Role Sorts
  • Fresh Eyes/Operations Reviews
  • Catering & HMR Program Development
  • Retail Real Estate Maximization
  • Right Pricing Strategies
  • Zone Analysis - Multi Unit Food Courts
  • New Unit Opening Management
  • Marketing, Merchandising & Signage
  • Special Events Planning 
  • Sustainability e.g. Locavore 
  • Food Production Systems
  • Menu & Product Development
  • P & L Reviews (FC, LC, Controllables)
  • Supply Chain Management Programs
  • ​Operations & Training Programs
  • Communications & Consumer Outreach
  • Patient Room Service Programs

We have extensive, award winning, hands on experience in delivering operational excellence, with oversight of 100 to 500+ units, and in every state.