Steven Brush, Principal

Steven's career spans more that two decades in the food and beverage industry having worked for industry giants Sodexo, HMS HOST, and Aramark, as well as, owning a small upscale catering service. He has served in senior leadership roles including Vice President of Brand Management, Vice President of Development and various innovation roles. His broad experience in a variety of settings throughout the country allows him to draw upon solid experience in operations, national support staff roles, corporate level marketing and research, franchising and development roles across fifteen distinct channels from airports and campuses, to sports & entertainment and healthcare.

Setting the standard has always been Steven's approach. This is especially true in his marketing career. Whether it's bringing new brands to market or creating cutting edge market segmentation research or building new sales layers like HMR and catering brands that deliver double digit sales growth, the goal is always the same, to create the trends, not follow them. Delivering innovative solutions is only part of the equation though, it takes a solid understanding of operations, the kind a national scope, multi unit experience can bring. Steven's multi million dollar operations leadership includes an account load of 100 to 500+ units, and in every state. His forte is setting the standard in retail via trend research but, he also has a passion for the back of the house, having graduated from Johnson & Wales University with degrees in Culinary Arts and Food Service Management. Additionally, he is the recipient of a Gold Medal from The American Culinary Federation and placed first nationally at The Culinary Excellence Awards.

An intimate knowledge of non-traditional franchising and licensing is a key skill in his background, having built and negotiated the largest licensing portfolio in the industry. Steven successfully negotiated master license agreements and created relational capital with such brand leaders as Starbucks, YUM! Brands, Burger King, Chick-fil-A, and Subway. to name but a few, while building a $100 million portfolio. He is the creator of a first of its kind brand segmentation tool and is recognized for his expertise, having been quoted in over 50 publications for key branding insights in one year. 

Whether it's introducing your brand to the non-traditional market place, fine tuning your operations or building new sales layers to capture new consumer segments, we can assist you in achieving your goals. Contact us today for a free phone consultation!